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New room

This will be the new room that Yuji and I will be living in. It's been decided we will move in completely next Sunday when his dad's work had a day off. Yuji called his brother last night to ask for the guys to help out. I'll prob buy them some pizza in thanks of their help. It'll prob take 2-3 trips depending if we have one truck or not.



Good luck with the move! :) The room looks really nice, and pretty bright too!
Thanks! Yes I like the light in the room
how exciting!! looks pretty awesome :-)
Aww thanks. I do like the style
This looks lovely :)
Just wait till all the stuff goes in XD
Very Japanese! Is it just one room?
Yes but with a sorta Side place for some shelves
I am going to have a hard time fitting all our stuff
it looks quite big.

Do you sleep on the tatami mat or do you have a western bed?
Western bed from ikea XD
How is the pizza there compared to North America?

Good luck fitting everything :o
Pizza here is just pizza I guess. Nothing like my home town pizza where we use brown sauce rather than the tomato sauce. But here you can get some crazy flavors.
Looks nice! :D
Hey. :) welcome.

I live in Japan for the past 8 years
Yup! I teach little children.
We had some furniture mostly all from ikea. We also have a huge weight bench in our room. That takes a lot of room