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Wedding guest book

My moms painting a tree for the wedding guest signing. Of course I'm thinking coral pink color and maybe green to look like a Sakura. Or just coral pink and blue. Still decided. Everyone will sign their names under/above the finger print. And when they sign I am thinking of a small thank you gift. Those ideas coming soon! Ahh so fun!



That's so cute!
That is a great idea~
That's really cool! I like that idea a lot
super cute idea~ and i love the sakura version. it's spring and spring means a new beginning. <3
awesome idea! I wouldn't have even thought of something like this.
thats why i love pinterest XD
That is a really neat idea :)
Lol, feel free to forge my name. ;-p
Again, congrats to both of you, btw. Now, I gotta move on before this page before the tender moments get to me:

*getting back to my usual snarky and cynical LJ-ism's*
thanks ;p
I've liked the idea of this ever since I first saw one on pinterest. I think it's a neat idea and I've personally never seen it done for a wedding/reception I've attended.
This is super cute! :)