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Ice cream

I have this in my freezer at home and I want it now XD

I had a big breakfast and lunch. So far I ate around 1000 calories today. Maybe a bit less...But tonight will just be some salad and meat for the protein and the shake. Let's hope this big lunch will rev up my metabolism. :) I may try to go for a run tonight too.


They have a Seven Eleven over there? XD
Yes they do! Haha and they have 711 in Taiwan, Bali, Thailand. It's taking over!
Custard flavor :D Haven't seen that yet. Looks good!
It's reallllly good. My
2nd time! XD
It is sooo good
Interesting! What's on the inside of that?
Creme puff filling :D soo tasty
I count my calories too, lol. I usually eat around 2k but do exercise to reduce it down to 1.2k. Keep up the good work!