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DIY tiger nails


Here is my blog post on DIY tiger nails! Check it out and share with your friends ;)


Oh, those are so nice~
So cute ♥___♥

you did a great job on them.
I love these!!!
OMG so cute!
Hey, I seen you over at the adding friends thingamajig. Im always looking for new friends so if you want to add me do so. Ill add you. :3

- mark
Hey! Great! Of course I'll add you :)
Hey! I have seen you comment on a few friend's entries and I have seen your post in an add me community. I'd like to add you! I tried to find your friends only post to comment, but there's a few public entries instead here... I went through two pages, didn't see it, so I'm commenting here. I hope that's okay! I'm adding you, add back?
Hey! Of course. And might I say i love your icon XD I think I need some sailor moon icons XD

And thank you! I originally Googled for hopefully dyed purple cat pictures to go with the username and then Luna popped up! I'm like oh hell yes! How did I not think of it to start with. I didn't necessarily want to associate Luna only but meh. She makes for some great userpics. :)

Do you watch the new Sailor Moon? Any favs?