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A typhoons coming. Canceling ice cream date with my girl friends Monday since I don't know if we can get home XD heck it may be nothing. But not worth the weather to travel so far. Probably cancel my private lesson too so stay home the whole day. I'll decide the night before and check the weather.

Heard some elementary schools are already canceling school Monday.

Today seems to have brought the runny nose to the throat and coughing now with phlegm chest. Just pleasant...not ^^;

At least my nose is almost clear. One small step. I'm still cranky though. I plan to stay in bed all day tomorrow, we'll mostly. Plan to do my nails and another nail tutorial.

This time this one!

Cute right? Hope I have this green. If not I'll have to mix to make it.

Last night I had 3 hours of dance. Only less than a month till the show. We got some done. We practice outside after studio time was finished.

Yasuda Bld. In shinjuku is a dancer practice area. After the building closes, dancers arrive around 630 and use the windows as mirrors. It's always crowded with crazy, awesome dancers. Last night break dancing and popping and krump seemed to be the most dancers there.


Stay safe!
Nice you can stay home and rest! Hope your cold gets better soon.

The nails look really nice! I love the plaid like look with the silver in it.

What kind of show are you going to participate in? I think I may have missed your post on that :P
My friends friend is a jazz singer and we are doing her back dancing for a small show :) nov 1st
wow! That's great! I bet that'd be lots of fun :D
Does typhoons happen often where you are? Stay safe!
Yea it's typhoon season now.
Ah okay. Sorry, didn't know! :)
Love those nails!
itll be fine! :D
Omg! Be safe!
thanks! im sure we will be fine here XD
Stay safe sweetie ♥
itll be fine
Good idea to stay in, and let your cold heal a bit. I'm sure typhoons aren't good for viruses.
yes! today cough is worse :/
That's not good.

Also, is the weather getting pretty bad? We're getting news reports on NPR about the typhoon.
So far just a ton of rain