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outfit of the day

It's a bit chilly today.


Cute outfit :)
I really like your jacket and the bag you have with it.
Thanks! :)
Love the jacket<3<3
Thanks! Got it in canada :)
Aw thanks!
:) thanks
I love this jacket. Bought it at Sears in canada while I was home for summer. It was on super sale. Listed price was around 200 but I got it for around 40-50.
Hmm I can't find too many cheap things. At times I can find a deal or two but nothing like the sales I can find in canada.
I buy most of my makeup in canada when I'm home or at lookfantastic.com
Yay, now that I have a smartphone I am hoping I can make cute pictures and collages like you do. Is there a certain app you use? I'd love to make my keychain pictures more interesting!