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Anyone ever use aliexpress website before?


Ive wanted to but I never knew how safe it would be. I have just rwcently used ebay and etsy and it went fine. I was always wary of using online websites (excluding amazon) where sellers can place items for bidding. It might seoend on what you are buying depending on safety and quality.

Yea I found lots of beads on it. So I think I'll buy some cheap first and see how that goes
Yeah I'd say Ali is good for craft stuff. Same as etsy.
Ive bought a few things on it but it really depends on the seller, If I remember right they dont get your payment until you confirm you got the package.
Ok. Good to know!
I've heard of it... hmm...

I am nervous of using other online places to buy stuff...
so far so good. i am still waiting for few items though