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Lj app wonky

I deleted my app and redownloaded it and now I can actually read my friends list! Woohoo! I can comment!!


That dog hasn't worked for me for the past year:(
Really?! Crap! The last couple weeks it has been really bad. But now seems better for now.
I ended up switching to an app called Vita I found on the app store. I don't like it as much as I liked the LJ app when that worked for me. Typical luck that they changed it just after I started writing here again, and that was when it stopped working for me...
Hmm vita. Never heard of it. On apple there is only this app and I don't like using the website one on my phone.
Vita is on iphone, that's what I use:)
Oh I've never seen that before. Maybe if this app goes crazy again I'll try it.
You'll find it if you search for livejournal in teh app store...
hooray for commenting!

I actually don't even use the app, just go to the website. it is still a pain to comment, though.
I don't like using the website so much. The font gets too small and I find it easier on the app
that I agree with - it is hard to read anything :-/
I only use chrome
Once and a while
I've had issues sometimes when it wont refresh, but that is most likely the phone company here.
That happens to me sometimes too.
My app has been fine, I haven't had any issues anyone with it. It used to be annoying on my android, but since I got an iPhone it's been fine.