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Friends Only

I guess I'm making this semi-friends now ^_^ email me or comment if you want to be added. I post some things in friends only mode, or public.


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I wanna be a friend :) I just got here!!!
kk :) Added ya. Yeah more new friends. ^_^


I think I am on your friends list already!

Re: Hi

Yup you are ^_^
your canadian...Im soo adding you..
Canadians Rock XD
I'm added ya back.
hey i found u on an "add me" community
thought you seemed cool and im from london ontario
i'm gunna go ahead and add u k?
plz add me back
kk Added ya! ^_^
Added, though you're a Classic Gemini.... :) You seem as though you might be very amusing and enjoyable to read.
yea! :D added you back. welcome to the world of lindsay XD
you seem hella cool so please add me :o) !
kk :) added
adding you.


Hey I have a new journal can you add it? xsweettartx. Thanks!!
Adding you because Canadians rock! (maybe becuase I'm a bit frustrated with my own country right now *sigh*)
awww lol I added you :D
added you back
you made me an icon.
but its too big.
can you please change it
its the third one...
hey this is wicked_vines, i got this new name would you add it please? <3 thanks
hi, sorry to bother you on your personal journal but I was trying to get help with your VM community. I havent been able to get a comment bar or anything to post my survey.. is there something wrong or am I just stupid? If you could help me that would be great! Thanks!
Hey, ok go to the info page of the community and then on top you will see a crayon/pencil. Click on that and there ya go :)
keep me :( oh yea and i have a question if your ever on
hey I saw you on an add me community and decided to add you :)
add me back?
♥ Christine
keep me please.

Hey I added you. Add me back ?
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