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Disneyland Easter 2014

Yesterday I went to Disneyland with a friend and we stayed there 13 hours. We arrived around 730am, so woke up at 6am. Left after 930pm and got home around 11am.

They had Easter egg characters around.


Haha, we stayed for thirteen hours too... Did you like the Easter parade?
yes i did! no creepy dancing this year XD last year it was a bit iffy lol
Fantastic Photos! WOW!
thanks! i love disney XD
The Easter decorations are so cute!
they were adorable! i loved the eggs!
This looks so magical!
disney is a place i really love going too!
I love all these pictures, the parade is amazing!
the night parade was great! its so pretty
So cool!
i love the popcorn there. so many flavors :D
alice is such a good movie!
Love these pictures! <3 Looks like it was a beautiful parade.
its a magical place
Aw man, I wish they still had the electrical parade at Disneyland! I miss it so much.
It looks like you had a great time, and hey, you got to find the eggs! That's pretty cool. :)
they dont have it there anymore?

yea! those eggs were sooo adorable! i wanted to take the stitch one home and mickey and minnie too
They stopped doing it in like 2003. :/

Aw, yeah! I wish I was at Disneyland for the egg hunt.