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So the big news is Yuji finally proposed in Saturday night.

After fishing we walked around Yokohama Bay Area with all the lights and he was acting so romantic and playful. Made me pretend we were on the titanic, which I realized later he was getting the ring out and then asked if I wanted to spent the rest of our lives together. And he loved me and will I marry him. Of course I said yes. XD

So the last few days have been hectic. Planning dates so we could announce to the public. Getting married June 11th, my birthday here in Japan. Just signing papers. And July 26th in Canada a wedding party/dance.

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Yayyyy that's great news, he finally got round to it ;) Sounds like a lovely proposal and I hope all your plans work out well!
Congrats on the engagement!
Yayyy~ I was actually in Japan for a few days but in Hokkaido so I didn't go to Tokyo except to transit ~ would've loved to stay a few days and say hi but moneyyyy @.@ Maybe end of the year~
Yeay~! Congrats to the both of you :D

Pretty ring!
That last picture is awesome!
CONGRATS! That is wonderful news that you are getting married. I wish you guys all the wonderful experiences that marriage brings. <3
Oh that's so great, congratulations to you both! :))
congratulations, that is great news :)
: )
wow! thats so romantic! congratulations! :)
I know I wrote on your facebook earlier but YAY CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you two! :D
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