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Fashion 5/1

Yesterday and today's style. Life has been crazy busy. This morning I did my friends nails before doing a quick leg workout then showered and work.

These are her nails.


ooh love the little flowers~
i love these flowers! i want to try them again
You made an amazing job of your friends nails! They look beautiful. :D x
thanks! i like them too!
Oooh I wish you were here and you could do my nails! Except mine are so tiny - especially my toes. My bestie used to get so annoyed that my pinky toenail was smaller than the brush. I'm not joking :p

Also, I love your outfits here. I'm actually wearing the same colour purple jeans today!! And the second outfit is something I'd definitely wear, if only I had a black check shirt. I have a red one :)
i would love to do your nails. i have some small brushes so if you got a smaller brush it may be easier?
True, I hadn't thought of a smaller brush, just assumed they came in the one size! :)
you can use acrylic brushes :) just like painting
Ooh true! Thanks for the thought!!