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Wedding Nail ideas

I was thinking of different nails I like the color of the coral pink. But the design of the light pink one.


The coral pink ones are amazing.
yes i love the color
They;re both so pretty!
right? i like the gradation on the light ones but the coral pink color
I was going to make the same comment - like the coral colour, but the pattern on the other.

congrats by the way!!
but the coral might work with different jewels. the colour looks a little 'heavy' if you know what I mean?
I like them both, but the light pink might be better with white :D
I like the pop of the color of the coral. i think i may look for shoes that color too XD
I love the light pink ones, so pretty!
me too! :D
yes! right?! it'd be so nice!
Both stunning designs. I take it you have ideas for your dress and make up too? What about shoes/bouquet?
i am thinking lace dress with short sleeves. I have tagged a bunch on pinterest. if you want to find me http://www.pinterest.com/lindsaysartoris/
Awwh! Some really lovely ones :D Any particular favourites? x
I like the lighter one.
I like the light one too and the color and design but the coral is just calling me. I think I want those color flowers in my hair and bouquet
now thinking to try and find those color shoes, if not toes will be that color too
I think that's a very nice color for you.